Kino Světozor

Artificial Paradises


(Paraísos Artificiais) Director: Marcos Prado, BR, 2012, Portuguese / Czech and English subtitles, 96 min

They are young, carefree, flirt with drugs and dance to the beat of contemporary electronic music. Artificial Paradises introduce us to the new Brazil, which still has not sobered up from euphoria, endless economic growth and social changes. In the light of pulsating dance parties we observe the protagonists who balance on the edge between carefree days and euphoric nights. The film tells a fascinating story of a couple that wakes from a drug high only after they had come face to face with the overwhelming reality of everyday life. The story is constructed as an artful tangle of several time levels that result at the end in a carefully planned catharsis. The film is directed by well-known producer Marcos Prado, who is responsible for the very successful film series Elite Squad, and for whom Artificial Paradises represents a directorial debut in the field of feature fiction film.


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