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B-kult II. - feat. Em Rudenko & Xavier Baumaxa

B-kult II. - feat. Em Rudenko & Xavier Baumaxa

(B-kult II. - feat. Em Rudenko & Xavier Baumaxa) Director: T. Miike vs. J. Počtová vs. X. Baumaxa & E. Rudenko, JAP vs. ČR, 2001, original version / Czech subtitles, 270 min

B-kult - featuring Em Rudenko & Xavier Baumaxa

Jana Počtová presents 13-mins long musical play, the winner of Teramo 2006..
18:00 Amore Extralarge | 2006 | Jana Počtová

Akebi Wein presents..
18:30 The Happiness Of The Katakuris | 2001 | Takashi Miike
The Katakuri family has just opened their guesthouse in the mountains. Unfortunately their first guest commits suicide and in order to avoid trouble they decide to bury him in the backyard. Things get way more complicated when their second guest, a famous sumo wrestler, dies while having sex with his underage girlfriend and the grave behind the house starts to fill up more and more.


Em Rudenko & Xavier Baumaxa

- first of them personally, the other one on the phone!

Jiří Pavlovský presents..
21:00 ICHI The Killer | 2001 | Takashi Miike
Yakuza boss Anjo disappears with three hundred million yens. His loyal gang members, lead by the masochist Kakihara, start a search, but their aggressive and gory methods worry the other yakuza gangs. Kakiharas most scary counterpart is the mysterious Ichi, a psychopathic killer with a dark childhood secret, who is controlled by a retired cop.


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