Kino Světozor



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(Boulevard) Director: Dito Montiel, USA, 2014, English version / Czech subtitles, 88 min

“Maybe it's never too late to start living the life you really want.” Nolan's peaceful life seems to be satisfying – decades of responsibly performed work in a bank, his marriage to devoted Joy with whom they love the same films, an occasional drink with a friend and sharing just the tiniest bit of bitterness when they recollect how they used to want to go to New York and... Yet one day, Nolan's content and functional world is crashed by a young prostitute named Leo, whom he meets on the titular boulevard of the sleepy Nashville, and all the “maybes” of what his life could have been burst into Nolan's fragile stability like a hurricane. The exquisite intimate drama, full of understanding to the ambiguity of human nature and bittersweet humour, offers a character study of Nolan and his relationships to his wife, father, and Leo. The film builds on the excellent performance of Robin Williams in his last film role, complemented by Bob Odenkirk, and Kathy Baker as Nolan's wife who is more understanding than it might seem.


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