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A Beautiful Mind


(Čistá duše - film & benefiční večírek) Director: Ron Howard, USA, 2001, English / Czech subtitles, 135 min

A Beautiful mind project is celebrating 2 years of it’s life now so we want to invite you to the Cinema! To see the movie and much more!

We have an extraordinary movie for you and charitable party afterwards.

What’s going to happen?

At the beginning of the night, we will introduce you stories of Lara. Lara is a Schizophrenic blogger, who writes her marvellous, catchy stories full of humour and interesting glosses. Every article is a piece of inspiration for us - people with different life-perspective. So, how does she perceive her life and what can be an inspiration for us out of it?

We will watch one of the best Oscar-winning movies: A beautiful mind movie with Russel Crowe staring. What can be hidden in the mind of genius who is suffering from schizophrenia?

Great afterparty will be held by famous J.P.Muchow playing his tones.

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