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Best of Khashish

Best of Khashish

(Best of Khashish) Director: various, IND, 2014, original version / English subtitles, 53 min

2015, 27 min, Rohan Kanawade, Marathi, Hindi version / English subtitles
Dressing up and dancing has always fascinated Jayu, a young guy in his twenties. Today is the last day of the 9-day dance festival Navaratri, and Jayu sitting in the house listening to the dance music in the distance is restless. His heart sinks as he sees girls dolled up for the night and going to the dance grounds, but he is not allowed to go by his mother.

Mr. Gay India
2014, 8 min, Ashish Sawhny, English version / English subtitles
A video profile featuring Sushant Divgikar, Mr Gay India 2014 as he prepares to leave for the Mr Gay World contest in Rome.

A Full Stop That Searches For Itself
2014, 10 min, Vivek Vishwanathan, Tamil version / English subtitles
The fine line between friendship, love and companionship is difficult to fathom, especially in India where homosexuality is still underground and marriage is the epitome of one’s life. Seshadri searches for answers to why his best friend Krishnan had left unannounced 15 years ago.

Forbidden Love
2014, 8 min, Ashish Sawhny, Marathi version / English subtitles
A tender documentation of a love story set within the LGBT community. Urmi is a well-known transgender activist and dancer who has captivated young Rohit’s heart. Their love story is real, unique and begets the question - does anyone have the right to dictate love?


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