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Block: Double Happiness

Block: Double Happiness

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(Blok: Kopie štěstí) Director: various, A-RC-CZ, 2014, Czech version / English subtitles + German, Chinese version / Czech subtitles, 81 min

My Street Films: Behind the Poster
Czech Republic, 2014, 6 minutes, Michal Hříbek, documentary, in Czech with English subtitles
What is it like to live in a house covered by a giant billboard? A short film about how advertisement floods our public as well as private space.

Double Happiness
Austria / China, 2014, 75 minutes, documentary, in German and Chinese with Czech subtitles
A small town in the Austrian Alps, Hallstatt, has its true copy in China where more imitations of other cities and world touristic highlights are emerging. Copying renowned patterns has become one of the means of the rapid urban development. This documentary shows peculiar scenery as well as serious architectonic visions of alternative forms of designing urban landscapes.


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