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Block: Oversized

Block: Oversized

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(Blok: Nadměrná velikost) Director: various, YV-CH, 2013, Spanish, English version / English subtitles, 82 min

Torre David
Venezuela / Switzerland, 2013, 22 minutes, Markus Kneer and Daniel Schwartz, documentary, in Spanish with English subtitles.
Office tower David in Caracas is an improvised home for 750 families, vertical slum, and the highest squat in the world. What’s it like to be living there?

Mumbai: Maximum City Under Pressure
Switzerland, 2014, 15 minutes, Markus Kneer, Daniel Schwartz, documentary, in English
World architects and urban planners discuss the development of Mumbai, city of 18 million people. Is it possible to find a sustainable urban planning concept in slums where everyone is their own architect?

Gran Horizonte: Around the Day in 80 Worlds
Switzerland, 2014, 45 minutes, Martin Andersson, Daniel Schwartz, documentary, in English
Visual essay from the interdisciplinary design firm Urban Think Tank is an impressive compilation of material that was filmed over the course of three years in the Third World metropolises.


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