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(Krov) Director: Alina Rudnitskaya, RUS, 2013, Russian version / Czech subtitles, 59 min

For some people in Russia today donating blood is the only way to make money. The film by Alina Rudnitskaya shows the merry-go-round of life through people and their blood. A mobile blood donation centre drives around small towns like a touring circus. Russia has no shortage of donors: the old, the young, the unemployed and the retirees all queue to be treated by the arduous but motherly nurses. The state pays 850 rubles for a half a litre of blood, which is equivalent to approximately 15 EUR. For many it is their only income. The film pulsates life like blood coursing in an artery. The surgeons save lives while the poor people’s blood flows out of them, creating a powerful metaphor of the society as whole.

The director of the film, Alina Rudnitskaya, will introduce the screening in person, as well as her short film I will Forget This Day. An interview with Alina can be read here at the Institute of Documentary Film website.

The screening is held in partnership with the Institute of Documentary Film.


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