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Becoming Me

Becoming Me

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(Matka minuksi) Director: Mina Laamo, FIN, 2014, Finnish version / Czech and English subtitles, 75 min

"Thanks to my blog, I don't feel so alone anymore," whispers Laura, a young Finn who scrupulously checks where all the food she eats comes from and struggles with depression. Juulia writes a popular fashion blog, entertaining tens of thousands of fans every day with photographs of stylish clothing. Elli, meanwhile, has had enough of blogging. Her pro-anorexia diary almost destroyed her. All three young women lead lonely, introverted lives. Each must in her own way come to terms with the fear and anxiety that societal demands place on their fragile egos. They are all searching for ways to be themselves; for each of them, the Internet becomes an important bridge between the inner and outer world.


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