Kino Světozor

Burried Letters

Burried Letters

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(Zatajené dopisy) Director: Tomáš Kudrna, CZ, 2015, Czech version / English subtitles, 52 min

In the 1950s, the village of Kvetusin became the location of a striking social experiment which greatly affected the lives of many people. Its goal was to cultivate young Romani and integrate them into society. During the programme, many children were taken away from their parents and put into the care of Miroslav Dedic, a teacher and carer, and his boarding school. The documentary depicts the history and impact of the experiment. The director drew information from the archives of the Museum of Romani Culture and former students of the school. Many years after the event, the former students agree with the separation policy and they remember their school days with a smile. Despite that, the film’s investigation and interviews with witnesses reveal something unsaid. After so many years, the separation from their families and the censorship of letters from their parents has remained a sensitive topic that creates unease. However, Miroslav Dedic still perceives the programme as necessary for the education of Romani children.

The film was awarded the RWE Award to the Best Czech Science Documentary Film during this year’s AFO festival. The International festival of science documentary films Academia Film Olomouc is partner of the evening.


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