Kino Světozor



(Bugarach) Director: Ventura Durall, Sergi Cameron, Salvador Sunyer, D-E, 2014, French version / Czech and English subtitles, 91 min

The ancient Mayan legend about the end of the world comes to life in the sleepy town of Bugarach, in Southern France. An aura of sanctity has always surrounded the mountain of the same name that looms nearby. With 21 December 2012 approaching, word begins to spread that only the 194 residents of Bugarach will survive the apocalypse. People who want to save themselves start flooding in and the town becomes a stage for absurd stories. The local magician is preparing for his greatest show yet, New Age hippies establish camps in the foothills, and the peak becomes a place of mysterious rituals. The journalists lurking at every corner only encourage the mass hysteria…


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