Kino Světozor

A Radiant Life


(Zářící život) Director: Meryll Hardt, F, 2014, French version / Czech and English subtitles, 70 min

Nineteen-fifty two, The Radiant City of Marseille receives its first occupants, eighty civil coming from the four corners of France. Some are led by the promise of Le Corbusier’s ideals. Upon arrival, a couple experience the location, facilities, and space allotted to them. The woman prepares a meal whilst the man sets up furniture in the living room downstairs. They each respond to the new habitat. Its uniqueness, its details. Their bodies question its spatial radicalism. Winter 1953, the communal heating is down. Only the auxiliary heating works but it’s not enough to warm the living room. The couple take refuge in their bedroom. The husband is immersed in his work and ignores his wife. She has a cold and fails to finish the piece of knitting she’s working on. She warms herself on the radiator and decides to get some fresh air by going to a residents meeting held in the gym.


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