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Brazilian Western

Brazilian Western

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(Faroeste Caboclo) Director: René Sampaio, BR, 2013, Portuguese / Czech and English subtitles, 85 min

The film Faroeste Caboclo (Brasilian Western) is on the borderline of gangster movie, Western and fated romance and merges particular genre features into an impressive drama. The story takes place in 80th in the capital city Brasília and in the context of slowly crumbling military junta. The main character João comes to the city and is gradually enmeshing in drugs dealing and mafia structures. In the meanwhile, he falls fatefully in love with Maria Lucia who is also claimed by a local drug boss. Film director René Sampaio managed to damp shabby story details and to get out of prevalent scheme a fated drama that gradates in spectacular finale. The film is an adaptation of an eponymous song of a famous singer and songwriter Renato Russo and it is why it is not surprising that in Brazil the film became an exceptional performance.


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