Kino Světozor



(Bestiárium) Director: various, , 0000, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 97 min

Short films compilation:

Real life can be a pain in the ass when you're 13. Even more so with a bossy sister and classmates who don't balk at bullying. Luckily, there's the magical world of Harry Potter and the even more magical world of the internet where Harry and Draco touch with their “wands”.

Luigi and Vincenzo
Gay Pride is a special event for Luigi and Vincenzo. They have been used to carefully hiding their love for years. A group with a rainbow flag which they meet on an escalator gives them the courage to express themselves without shame, even for just a moment.   We Are Animals
It is 1985. Fear of HIV has led the world to a decision of isolating all homosexuals underground. There, a young doctor is just getting ready to castrate the leader of a radical gay group, the Pink Panthers. An alternative story of the AIDS crisis and coming-out.

If you don't bring your partner to social events, you surely have a good reason. He's socially awkward and can't even manage basic small talk. Or he talks too much and spills all the secrets. Jim's partner, Tom, has a very different problem – which is especially obvious during the full moon.

Aban & Khorshid
How terrible can the price be for the love between two men? And how brutally fast can one go from the bed on that sweet, playful morning to a dark cell at night? Inspired by true events.

Family dinners are often awkward and stressful for everyone present, and especially when information regarding a certain revelation comes to light during the main course. Luckily, vampire identity isn't as taboo for the older generations as it used to be...

The Phallometer
A few specified reasons can guarantee you a trip to an asylum, but you'll never learn why you were selected. The results of phallometry measurement might help. The German comedy wittily comments on a humiliating Czech invention for “proving” homosexuality. 

Manol has a wife, a daughter, and a grandson. The daughter works with her husband in Germany, and he and the grandma look after their grandson, a straight-A student. Traditional life clashes with the modern world in a drama with an old man at the head of the family.


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