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Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl

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(Boy Meets Girl) Director: Eric Schaeffer, USA, 2014, English version / Czech subtitles, 95 min

Ricky is a girl looking for love, much like all the people her age. But it's not exactly easy for a transgender girl in a provincial town of Kentucky, USA. While she waits for a reply from a design school so that she can finally get the hell out, she gets entangled in a web of relationships. Just as she's discussing how annoying the limited possibilities of dating guys in Dullsville are, with her best friend Robbie, Francesca enters the picture. She is sweet and smells beautiful, but comes from a Republican family and has a hardcore soldier fiancé. Events and reactions begin to snowball, and each person involved must face their unvoiced desires and prejudices. The beautifully romantic story of love and relationships overstepping the boundaries of social convention will make you smile with its original wit. One should live and love with courage. Trans* actress Michelle Hendley stars as the sassy Ricky in the leading role.


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