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About Helena Třeštíková with Helena Třeštíková and Peter Kerekéš

About Helena Třeštíková with Helena Třeštíková and Peter Kerekéš

(O Heleně Třeštíkové s Helenou Třeštíkovou a Peterem Kerekéšem) Director: , CZ, 2014, Czech version, 120 min

Vote online for your favorite Helena Třeštíková’s doc at between Sep 22 and Oct 5 and participate in the evening where Helena and Peter Kerekéš introduce their work in person. Only for those who vote!

Come and see which of the documentaries by Helena Třeštíková is the most popular among audiences. Take part in an online vote at, held from September 22nd to October 5th, on the occasion of the director’s online retrospective and get a unique chance to attend an evening programme during which Helena Třeštíková and her works will be introduced by Helena Třeštíková herself and by famous Slovak filmmaker Peter Kerekes.

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