Kino Světozor



(Bullshit) Director: PeA Holmquist - Suzanne Khardalian, ŠVÉ, 2005, original version / English subtitles, 73 min

Two prize–winning independent Swedish filmmakers embarked on a two–year journey with Indian nuclear physicist and anti–globalisation activist Vandana Shiva. They portray a woman full of energy and optimism, fighting for the rights of impoverished farmers. Shiva is their voice at meetings with the top leaders of major players in the world economy; accusing Coca–Cola of environmental pollution, for example, and charging other major corporations with committing crimes against traditional means of production and making inhabitants of the Third World into slaves. To make the picture complete, the filmmakers visited the major corporations to get a view of her opponents. With their camera they visited companies developing genetically modified crops, attending many international congresses, as well as demonstrations. They also meet her main enemy, Barun Mitra. His supporters gave her the The Bullshit Award for sustaining poverty. This documentary exposing the relationship between developed nations and the Third World is underscored by Shiva's impassioned speeches and the vitriolic attacks of her opponent. Although primarily an examination of one particular viewpoint, the film also examines a number of other issues facing contemporary society. Can we allow powerful corporations to govern society and control its food sources and diet? What is happening to the unique traits of different societies? The filmmaker poses questions not only with words, but also images. How can we find a balance between India's diverse countryside and the uniform industrial greenhouses in Europe or the US?


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