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Monty Python Live (mostly)

Monty Python Live (mostly)

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(Monty Python Live (mostly)) Director: Aubrey Powell, GB, 2014, English version / Czech subtitles, 190 min

Knotted hankies at the ready: it's Monty Python's historic last stand broadcast live from London's O2 Arena. It's been more than three decades since they last appeared on stage together for a Hollywood Bowl show. But now surviving Pythons John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin - combined age: 357! - are dusting down those classic comedy routines for their final farewell. There was a phenomenal demand for tickets when this run of ten reunion shows at the O2 Arena was announced. Now Czech cinema audiences can join in the fun as the Last Night of Monty Python is broadcast live in glorious HD. The legendary quintet promise a selection of their finest sketches with modern, topical and suitably Python-esque twists. It's certain to be one of the greatest live events of the year, as well as an emotional experience for the Pythons and their fans. Expect laughter and tears. But mostly laughter.

Additional screenings of the recorded show will take place on August 12 in Světozor, August 14 in Kino Aero and August 19 in Bio Oko. Tickets for recorded shows purchased till July 20 cost 200 CZK, tickets bought after this date 250 CZK. Reservations need to be picked up by July 20 - reservations not picked up by this date will be cancelled.


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