Kino Světozor

The Wolf Mountains


(Vlčie hory) Director: Erik Baláž, SK, 2013, Slovak version, 48 min

In ancient times forests were inhabited by herds of European bison and wild horses, both hunted by predators. The wilderness struggled with the cruelty of the circle of life, yet despite that, many marvellous wild animals made their home there. The wolves combined with our ancestors to form a community of hunters. Today the very last of them are struggling to survive in deep forests far away from people, whom they have learned to avoid. Wilderness no longer exists in Europe. The area called The Wolf Mountains seems like a miracle from the past, full of the beauty of wilderness. The borders of Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine, one of the least populated places in Europe, shelter the last fascinating remains of the most diverse of ecosystems. The filmmakers did not shy away from the freezing winters and summer storms, which they faced in order to film animals on the brink of extinction, and to expose the raw beauty of untouched nature. During the dangerous shooting, the fi lm crew did not use any tricks to lure the animals, and thus spent 500 days tracking and waiting for the right moment, when the most mysterious inhabitants of these mountains would show up.

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