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Between Midnight and the Rooster' s Crow

Between Midnight and the Rooster' s Crow

(Between Midnight and the Rooster' s Crow) Director: Nadja Drost, KAN, 2005, original version / English subtitles, 66 min

Nadja Drost, a young Canadian documentary filmmaker, uses the movie camera and journalist accreditation as a shield in her investigation of the policies of corporations exploiting oil across the Amazon, and finding out why nobody has yet stopped them. The people of Ecuador, whose houses stand in a way of a growing crude oil pipeline, are offered such ridiculously low compensation that even the poorest families refuse. But that does not bother the oil tycoons because the local police and army is on their side, and in the end the residents are forced to leave without any compensation at all. And this is only half of the ruthlessness of the mighty multinational corporations that want to be even richer than they are. According to research, the oil supplies are soon to be exhausted, so nobody bothers to observe safety regulations when building the pipelines, except for the people living in the contaminated environment, which was once a natural paradise. The profit–making firms need to act quickly. The director tries to shake off the police guards to be able to speak with the local people and get samples of contaminated water and soil. Then she patiently returns to state administration and tries to get an appointment with the responsible. But she never gets a straight answer


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