Kino Světozor



(Počátky) Director: Linda Kallistová Jablonská, CZ, 2014, Czech version / English subtitles, 60 min

Twins Pavla and Denisa and several months older Adéla reached adulthood in a children home in Počátky. From there, the path to an independent life inevitably awaits with the issuance of a graduation certificate accompanied by a mixture of joyful anticipation and apprehension. To make the transition easier, they start at a halfway house. Their starting position rates them as outsiders, a rank they cannot easily break without family support. Nevertheless, each tries in her own way but with different results. Director Linda Kallistová Jablonská tracked the girls for almost two years to record their efforts, everyday small victories and defeats. One World presents the world premiere of the film.


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