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A River Changes Course

A River Changes Course

(A River Changes Course) Director: Kalyanee Mam, K - USA, 2013, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 83 min

In her directorial debut, Cambodian filmmaker Kalyanee Mam returns to her native country to capture a rapidly changing present. Modern society has a particularly damaging effect on the traditional livelihoods of rural communities. Forests are being cut down, buildings are being built on arable land and the quantity of fish in the lakes is decreasing. The filmmaker examines the lives of three families in the Cambodian countryside who are forced to adapt to these rapid changes. Lack of money and debt are the main reasons for the migration of some of them to cities, where they find menial factory jobs. This visually impressive film won numerous awards at festivals worldwide, including the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize for the best documentary at Sundance 2013.


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