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Albert Pyun’s Director’s Cut of Cyborg


(Albert Pyun’s Director’s Cut of Cyborg) Director: Albert Pyun, USA, 1989, English / Czech subtitles, 83 min

Nobody gets kicked around like Albert Pyun. The man who built his career on oddball genre movies and whose subject matter usually tends towards tough-talkin’ broads and cyborg apocalypses has a long history of unfinished or re-edited projects. Cyborg, the legendary post apocalyptic action trash that put Jean-Claude Van Damme on the map, suffered similar fate. Prior to its original release Pyun was forced out of the project and it is only now that we can appreciate his original vision which neither Cannon Films, JCVD or the public accepted back in 1989. Whether it would by accepted by the shockproof audience remains to be seen.

Film will be screened from Blu-ray.


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