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Alone On The River

Alone On The River

(Alone On The River ) Director: Jakub Šedivý, CZ, 2012, Czech version, 90 min

During the fall of 2014 an international team of experienced kayakers attempted a mission that has never been successfully completed before - completing the descent of the longest tributary of the longest river of Nepal - Karnali. Tributary called Langu Khola is as remote as it gets, flowing through unchartered canyons of the sacred Dolpo region. The expedition Alone on the River was one of the biggest projects in whitewater kayaking in the last decade.

Whitewater expedition itself was preceded by 100 kilometers long hard high altitude trekking to the put in with all the equipment and supplies and then consisted of 550 kilometers of demanding whitewater. The five members of expedition had to endure high altitude, freezing temperatures, isolation and dangerous whitewater in deep canyons.

Just numbers speak for themselves, 5 extreme kayakers from 4 countries, 3 high altitude passes over 5000 metres, 550 kilometers of whitewater, 4 440 metres of whitewater altitude drop, 19 days alone on the river and long kilometers of seemingly never ending canyons.

Join Jakub Sedivy for an exciting tour through remote and wild gorges, amazing whitewater and landscape of snow leopard on 11.3.2014 at 20:30 in Kino Aero.


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