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Big Brother Awards

Big Brother Awards

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(Big Brother Awards) Director: , CZ, 2013, , 120 min

Multimedia show where anti-awards for the worst intruders are granted. Still developing technologies prolong the fingers of intuders who like to break our privacy – they are spying on us with CCTV, monitor our electronic communication, collect our data in databases or would like to analyze our DNA. Even harmless things that on the first sight make our life easier or secure our safety may endanger our privacy and therefore limit our freedom. Big Brother Awards are anti-awards for the most intrusive companies, offices and technologies. Beside seven anti-awards we also grant a positive award to those who promoted the privacy or actively stood up against its intruders the most during last year. Big Brother Awards took its name from the novel „1984“ by George Orwell and take place in various countries of the world. First awarded in Great Britain on 1999, in Czech republic annually since 2005.


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