Kino Světozor



(TEDxPragueWomen) Director: various, CZ, 2013, Czech version, 165 min

Reserve a date, 6th of December 2013 we are inviting You, to the first TEDxPragueWomen. Eight extraordinary women will share their life stories with you: inventors, innovators, women that survived a life catastrophe and bounced back, women, that left the usual paths to make their own.

Among others, you will meet renovated pathologist Jaroslava Dušková, lecturer and initiator of Barevný anděl project with o.s. Dlouha cesta, Jitka Ševčíková or controversial designer Anna Marešová. Live performances will be accompanied with talks form TEDWomen. Throughout the evening you will be accompanied by presenter, comedian and beat boxer Petr Cerha, also known as "Nasty".


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