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At the Epicentre

At the Epicentre

(At the Epicentre) Director: Ruhi Hamid, VB, 2005, original version / Czech subtitles, 48 min

Only a white mosque was left standing in the Indonesian Lampuuk after the destructive tsunami. Other houses were torn to pieces, burying the victims underneath. The Indian government has not provided almost any help to the region and foreign organisations keep sending useless packages of toys and sanitary equipment that are of no use to the local people. Many of those who had survived left and those coming to Lampuuk from outside only want to use the situation for their own benefit. Even Bill Clinton together with George Bush senior, or radical Islamic group, has not bought any technology with them to clean the debris, which would help people much more than speeches and formal words of sympathy. All that the local people can rely on are their own hands, and it seems that there is some special energy that gives them strength and drives away despair. Ruhi Hamid's documentary was made in cooperation with BBC, and it tells the story of those who decided to stay. The story of Hasballah Ahba who organises the town reconstruction and seems to be a good candidate for a town board member. Of Anita, a chemistry student, who teaches children under the open sky because the school has been destroyed. And about her pupil who was the only one in his family to survive, and now dreams about building a hospital in his hometown when he grows up...


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