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An Unlikely Romance

An Unlikely Romance

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(Nepravděpodobná romance) Director: Ivan Vojnár, CZ, 2013, Czech version , 105 min

The story of two young women begins at a crucial point of their lives. Louisa wants to perform in the theatre which her proprietorial husband sees as a betrayal. Erika works as a cleaner, but she yearns for higher education and better work. The life, however, has its own path: Luisa ends up at a psychiatric clinique, Erika in jail. Their tales intermingle, mirror-images to some degree, friendships are born on whose strengths stands or falls their future.The plot is portrayed retrospectively, as an echo of the psychiatric treatment which the main heroine undergoes. The style turns into exaggeration, melodrama, romance. The film matures, similarly to the main characters within. Was the therapy successful?


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