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A Stolen Kiss & DVA

A Stolen Kiss & DVA

(Premiéra filmu Ukradený polibek & DVA) Director: Tomáš Tomsa Legierski a Vít Neznal, CZ, 2013, Czech version, 60 min

Film premiere of a short animated film (15 min.) and music set from music band DVA (45min.)

One man, one woman, one fatal pressing of the shutter release.

A Stolen Kiss (Ukradený polibek) is a story of a man who was once taken picture of by somebody on a street while kissing his girlfriend. Nothing extraordinary about that if he hadn’t found the picture on the front page of a renowned magazine whose print run was sold out within an hour the very morning after the incident. A sensation was born and the reaction was soon to come – shops were flooded by millions of reproductions of countless formats and the crowds were begging for an autograph. However, the man soon grew tired of the publicity. Moreover, when he attempted to kiss somebody out of the limelight, he realized that he is clueless – that his kiss had been stolen from him. Will he manage to get it back? A detective story, a Harlequin romance or an ordinary story?


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