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All Cheerleaders Die


(All Cheerleaders Die) Director: Lucky McKee, Chris Sivertson, USA, 2013, English version / Czech subtitles, 89 min

Dating back to 2001, an original ultra-low-budget film of the same name was the directorial debut of two promising directors, Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson. Now with four acclaimed solo features apiece, the duo has reformed to finally realize the ultimate version of the idea that got them started, making it one of the most eagerly awaited events in the shockproof universe. Their wickedly ghoulish subversion of the high school movie genre focuses on Maddy, an outcast who joins the school’s cheerleading squad, in an effort to bring it down from within. But following a life altering incident things take an unexpected turn. The movie has plenty to offer, such as scantily clad cheerleaders, all sorts of supernatural horror and a healthy dose of bloodshed. It's silly and it's schlocky, but ultimately All Cheerleaders Die is a true crowd pleaser. Who said cheerleading isn’t a contact sport?


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