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Aertek 2013

Aertek 2013

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(Aertěk 2013) Director: kino Aero, CZ, 2013, Czech version, 70 min

Children, who is this project intented for, are influenced by audiovisual media every day. Visual perceptions seem to be real and children are not able to resist medial manipulation. In this age they almost haven´t any possibilities, where they could do the film. They have access neither to specialists, nor to technics. There are showed all of the film specificity through entertaining-educational form. Children are led by film authorities to realization of own film work.. Aertěk is focused on anorganized young people and offers them different view on audiovisual medium. Children shoot the film and they even work up social crucial issues in artistic way. Children Film Summer Camp Aertěk, during stay at nature, helps children cultivate creative activity, helps them with orientation in complicated structure of AV media.


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