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A Field in England

A Field in England

(A Field in England) Director: Ben Wheatley, GB, 2013, English version / Czech subtitles, 90 min

Even history can be something of an adventure. You wouldn’t want to cross paths with the alchemist O’Neil (Michael Smiley) under any circumstances, especially not when you’re fleeing the battlefield. The English Civil War is raging, and the dark age, when the laws of the universe mean nothing to anyone and the idea of rotating planets is tantamount to heresy, throws up its fair share of strong language. In this story, skirmishes aren’t confined to the battlefield, either. Searching for hidden treasure, a small group of men are assisted by some peculiar mushrooms which shift everything to somewhat unforeseen realms. The film is set in a magical yet chaotic era and, even in its feistily stylised form employing both earthy and exalted dialogue, it manages to crank up an extraordinary tension. This edge is also apparent given the fact that, as a seductively constructed, eloquently scored black-and-white piece, it brings to light the period’s barbarity and squalor, scourges which might seem perilously evocative of modern times. Thus the appropriate derisive tone which pervades the film from beginning to end.


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