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Black Venus | Disabled by normality

Black Venus | Disabled by normality

(Vénus noire) Director: Abdellatif Kechiche, F, 2010, English-French-Afrikaans version / Czech subtitles, 160 min

Film and discussion series accompanying exhibition Disabled by normality prepared by Centre for Contemporary Art in cooperation with the Jedlička Institute and Schools and Faculty of humanities, Charles University Prague.
(DOX 23.5.-16.9. 2013)

What’s a “disability”? And what’s “normal”? The exhibition and the film series deconstruct concepts of normality and disability in the manner that exposes the ways in which these concepts affect the lives of all of us – they either limit us, or on the contrary give us an advantage. Disability is looked at not as a fact of bodily and intellectual difference, but as a result of social hierarchies, barriers and inequality.

Hoping to find fame and fortune in Europe, South African Saartjes Baartman follows her Danish boss Hendrick Caesar to London. However, in 1808 she finds the European attitudes towards her derogatory and demeaning as she becomes a star attraction in a carnival show. The true story of the racism and prejudice faced by Saartjes as she moved to Europe and became the subject of scientific experimentation.


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