Kino Světozor

A Night with Inventura

A Night with Inventura

(Večer s Inventurou) Director: various, CZ, 2012, Czech version, 68 min

Two documentaries produced by the civic association Inventura. Inventura supports artist expressions of people with mental handicap.

Pecking Order, CZ 2012, 26 min, Kateřina Bubeníčková, Ivo Bystřičan, Czech version
The film crowd of people with learning disabilities tries to find their own solution to the government crisis and seeks inspiration in the realm of animals.

Hoes and Skype, CZ 2012, 42 min, Kateřina Bubeníčková, Lenka Vochocová, Czech version
The documentary follows the invasion of inquisitive Inventory film makers-cum-agro tourists in Gernik, a Czech village in the Romanian province of Banat. Does the village represent the lost paradise? If so, why is it almost abandoned?


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