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Amazing Azerbaijan!

Amazing Azerbaijan!

(Amazing Azerbaijan!) Director: Liz Mermin, GB, 2012, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 60 min

Azerbaijan is like a dynamic eagle that naturally links the cultures of the West and East – that is how the state and local representatives attempt to portray the country internationally. Skyscrapers are growing in a country rich in oil, Azerbaijan has joined the UN Security Council and President Ilham Aliyev presses the flesh with some of the world’s most important statesmen. When an Azerbaijani duet wins the apolitical Eurovision song contest, the president declares the victory a national success. Amazing Azerbaijan is the story of a country with two faces. International observers say that behind the shiny façade hides a repressive and corrupt regime that severely suppresses free speech. The state shows opponents no mercy. It arrests inconvenient journalists on the basis of trumped-up charges or has them killed and uses violence to suppress any signs of disagreement.


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