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Across Land, Across Sea

Across Land, Across Sea

(Across Land, Across Sea) Director: H.-J. Lee - D. Ko - H. S. Seok, ROK, 2012, Korean version / English and Czech subtitles, 52 min

North Korean refugee Songgook is slowly building a new life in South Korea. However, his pregnant wife still has family in the DPRK. Songgook decides to organise their escape. He travels to China and undertakes a dangerous night-time journey to the Tumen River which runs along the border, where he meets his wife’s family. They then set off on a journey on a borrowed fishing boat to the dangerous international waters between China and South Korea, where they are to meet a South Korean pastor and hand over the refugees. However, the plan runs into problems in the form of bad weather and South Korean coastal patrol. It refuses to help the tired Songgook, who has spent nearly 50 hours in a boat full of water. This dramatic story of hard-to-imagine courage and modesty, which maps the difficult method used to escape from the North, earned the film an Emmy Award nomination. As well as portraying an escape filled with risk, it delivers an account of the absurd conditions refugees encounter in their new countries and the business that has developed around helping them escape.


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