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A Normal Life

A Normal Life

(A Normal Life) Director: Mikala Krogh, DK, 2013, Danish version / English and Czech subtitles, 75 min

Cecilie and Katrine are identical twins, though that isn’t apparent at first – or even second – glance. Katrine is an animated 12-year-old girl with long blonde hair who is always surrounded by pals from school and soccer, while Cecilie is a head shorter, pale and skinny. The girls only look like twins in family videos shot until they were two, when Cecilie was diagnosed with leukaemia and her long struggle to stay alive began. Months spent in hospital alternate with moments of happiness and hope. Director Mikala Krogh shows how an ordinary Danish family do their best to live a normal life in the face of uncertainty brought by the child’s fatal disease, and how the girl looks for stability and reassurance in everyday domestic chores, hobbies and school work. Family members find themselves in a difficult situation in dealing with an extreme circumstance. However, for all the family members, the most important things are love and being surrounded by family.


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