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(BEDAZZLED) Director: Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Stanley Donen, GB, 1967, English version / English subtitles, 103 min

Witty, intelligent, brash, damn stylish and brutally funny version of the myth of Faust written and starred by the cult British comic duo Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Short order cook Stanley (Dudley Moore) trades his soul to charismatic Satan with angelic eyes (Peter Cook) for seven wishes – seven chances to become a „perfect man“ and win the heart of beloved girl. The movie changes the cinematographical style and the degree of absurdity with each new Stanley´s wish, director Stanley Donen overdoses the image with visual jokes and sophisticated references and Peter Cook plays his Mephisto in anarchist red socks as a spiteful and sarcastic glossary of eternal human vice as well as the frailty of 60´s (British) society.


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