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Bar el Chino

Bar el Chino

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(Bar el Chino) Director: Daniel Burak, RA, 2003, Spanish version / English and Czech subtitles, 95 min

Jorge Costa, un cineasta de 47 años, intenta retomar un proyecto que había abandonado: la realización de un documental sobre un pequeño lugar enraizado con los orígenes del tango: el bar "El Chino". La presencia de Martina, lo alienta a retomar su película en el caos económico de la Argentina de finales de 2001.
Rómulo Berrut

Martina is a young editor that works for a television network. She is decided to make a documentary on the legendery Bar El Chino, a place where tango, friendship and love are highly valued. Her first night at Bar El Chino, she meets Jorge, a single father who was making a documentary about Bar El Chino also, but who had to leave it unfinished because of the economic depression. With the aid of Jorge, she will discover this wonderful place, get the documentary in progress, learn to love, and know what migration is like... from first-hand experience.


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