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Bones Brigade: autobiografie - premiere

Bones Brigade: autobiografie - premiere

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(Bones Brigade: autobiografie - premiéra) Director: , , 0000, English version / Czech subtitles, 80 min

It’s been more than ten years since skateboarding pioneer brought his documentary Dogtown and the Z-Boys to the Sundance film festival. Mr. Peralta received the Audience Award for direction of the film, and now he is harvesting more acclaim from critics and the skateboarding community for his latest film Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. Stacy Peralta, an original member of the Zepyhr surf and skateboarding team in Southern California who was side by side in the Z-Boys crew with Tony Alva or Jay Adams, decided later to assemble his own skateboarding team. But he didn’t look for members among then well-known names but sought out unknown, young riders. And for the world of skateboarding he discovered Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerro, Mike McGill and Rodney Mullen, among others. Stacy long thought about what to call the new team, but he was sure he didn’t want the words ‘team’ or ‘skateboarding’ in the name. With the help of author, photographer and artist Craig Stecyk (who was a co-founder of Thrasher Magazine), who after a few moments of thought spurted out: “Bones Brigade!” And it was settled. This sextuplet of dazzling and highly innovative skaters set the tone for world of skating throughout the entire 1980s and the majority of them remain active in skating today. The documentary Bones Brigade tells the story of skateboarding through a its huge boom at the start of the eighties, the ensuing crisis, the punk ethic that went mainstream and the first flatground ollie and freestyle moves pioneered by Rodney Mullen that eventually paved the way for what the world today knows as ‘street skating’, or just playing skating. The members of the Bones Brigade made history and made skateboarding what it is today.


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