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Albert´s Fear

Albert´s Fear

(Albert se bojí) Director: James Donlon, , 0000, No language barrier, 60 min

A comedic tale about a young boy's struggle with his own fear. The performance blends elements of westerns, comics, and the dramas of everyday life, and is told in a clown-pantomime style. "I am here, I'm behind you, in your eyes, your voice. You can't see me, but I can see you." Will Albert be able to overcome his anxiety and thus win the fight against his own fear? Can he do it alone? An enormous imagination vs. dwarfish courage.

This performance is very suitable for families with children.

This performance won the audience award of the Czech dance platform 2008.

The performance was played in Czech republic end in these countries - Austria, Hungaria, Slovakia, Bosna and Herzegovina, U.S.A...

The performance is a part of the New Web project (2008).


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