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The Ambassador

The Ambassador

(Ambassadøren) Director: Mads Brügger, DK, 2011, Danish version / English and Czech subtitles, 94 min

What might happen when an enterprising white man attempts to infiltrate the upper echelons of African diplomacy, where corruption is standard practice and where state property is stolen on a grand scale? Danish investigative reporter Mads Brügger tries to find out the answer. With a bit of bribery, he acquires a diplomatic title to represent Liberia in the Central African Republic. His goal is to meet the local bigwigs, gain their trust, and ultimately make his way to the diamond magnates. Instead of conducting interviews and simply observing the situation, he appears as an agent provocateur. He puts on the image of a good-natured neocolonialist and endows his character with exaggerated gestures and nouveau riche attributes – expensive cigars, sunglasses, gaudy rings, and a snazzy white sports coat. Will Brügger’s outlandish and entertaining documentary succeed in uncovering how postcolonial Africa is currently being ripped off? Or won’t even brash behavior and cash-filled pockets open the doors to Africa’s millions?


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