Kino Světozor

The Art of Love

The Art of Love

(L’art d’aimer) Director: Emmanuel Mouret, F, 2011, French version / English and Czech subtitles, 85 min

This French comedy offers a series of small stories dealing with a variety of forms of love, in all its ambiguity and volatility. We witness the everyday emotional battles which are seasoned with a charming touch of humour. The aging Don Juan who meets an attractive neighbour and becomes helpless in her presence, overwhelmed by her kindness and frank character. A lonely woman who dreams about a passionate night with her friend's boyfriend. A man who falls in love with his best friend while she only has eyes for her boyfriend who completely ignores her... The main charm of this film lies in these individual situations which are oh so familiar to each one of us. Love is simply unpredictable..


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