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Best of Karlovy Vary 1996-2005

Best of Karlovy Vary 1996-2005

(Best of Karlovy Vary 1996-2005) Director: Various, Various, 2000, original version / Czech subtitles, 99 min

It all started in Karlovy Vary in 1992, when we decided to present short films by the Dutchman Paul Ruven, Slovak Miro Šindelka, and Czech Pavel Marek alongside the feature-length independents in The Magnificent Seven section. It continued in 1995, when Swedish director Roy Anderson’s fantastic shorts appeared in the Return of the Magnificent Seven. Actually, it should be Anderson who symbolically opens our collection; but thanks to his success in Karlovy Vary, his masterful miniatures were released in distribution and can still be spotted in film club programs today. Which is why we decided to kick it off with the year 1996, with Belgian director Marc-Henri Wajnberg’s Le réveil. This is not just because we believe it is one of the best short films to ever pass through our hands or because it became a festival-wide hit that year, but also because it screened in 1996, the year in which the collection of short films, which has surprisingly become a major draw for the whole section and joined the ranks of its hopelessly sold-out screenings, actually began to take shape as an integral part of the section. Indeed, the short film block is somewhat of a pinnacle of the Forum of Independents each year. Probably because of the humor, the kind we – and we hope our audience – like: absurd, black, and, yes, sometimes even morbid. But don’t think that is all you will get here. Hundreds of filmmakers from all over the world submit their work each year, vying for a place in the roughly two-hour block of short films we showcase at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. However, we can satisfy only a small portion of them. And this is yet another reason we are pleased to increase their chances here and now, at the Prague Short Film Festival.

Le Réveil (Marc-Henri Wajnberg / Belgium - France / 1995 / 7min.)
So you think you're the only one with problems waking up in the morning? This film will show you how deeply wrong you are.

Fetch! (Lynn Maree Danzey / Australia / 1998 / 7min.)
The story of a first date that goes horribly wrong.

Kitchen Sink (Alison Maclean / New Zealand / 1989 / 14min.)
From the bowels of the kitchen sink comes a dark and tender love.

La télévision (Marc-Olivier Picron / Belgium / 2000 / 12min.)
It’s New Year's Eve and Hyppolyte’s new television refuses to turn off.

Je t'aime John Wayne (Toby MacDonald / Velká Británie / 2000 / 10min.)
London. A man. A woman. A film. A dream.

Brasil (F. Javier Gutiérrez / Spain / 2001 / 18min.)
If you want to get rid of your unfaithful wife with the help of black magic, listen to the magician's advice very, very carefully…

Staplefahrer Klaus - Der Erste Arbeitstag (Stefan Prehn - Jörg Wagner / Germany / 2001 / 10min.)
Klaus is a newly certified forklift driver, but his first day on the job is full of unexpected misfortune. Only a few survive the bloodshed.

Caravan (Dag Mørk / Norway / 2002 / 9min.)
Marian has left Morten. Again. He wants to win her back. But this time it’s the couple’s old caravan that makes the decision for them…

Balibalo (Marc Andréoni / France / 2001 / 8min.)
A lonely forest road. A car hits a young boy scout. The driver and passengers hide the body. But there is another scout, and another…

Kvinnokraft (Per Carleson / Sweden / 2004 / 4min.)
Bringing a bike should be easy, but a small transportation problem can suddenly grow. A short which proves that a little cunning can help, especially when you are a woman of a certain age…


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