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The Carrier

The  Carrier

(The Carrier) Director: Maggie Betts, USA, 2011, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 88 min

As a young girl, Zambian Mutina Mweemba dreams of marrying a loving man. She imagines them raising their children together, giving them the best life possible. When Mutina meets Abarcon, a man from a distant village, her dream seems to have come true. But the image of a perfect marriage is shattered after the wedding, when Mutina discovers that Abarcon is a polygamist. Now it is too late to turn back. Before she is able to catch her breath, the family has to deal with another blow: AIDS, a disease they know nothing about. The illness disrupts the family’s relationships, and the situation is only further complicated when Mutina gets pregnant. Director Maggie Betts presents an intimate portrait of a family and community blindsided by an incurable disease, desperate to protect the next generation from the same fate. This documentary’s lyrical storytelling contrasts with the cruel inexorability of disease, bearing witness to contemporary Africa, a continent struggling to understand and overcome adversity.


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