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Back to the Square

Back to the Square

(Back to the Square) Director: Petr Lom, CDN - N, 2012, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 83 min

The joy, pride and sense of community experienced during the revolution in Egypt was replaced by the everyday fight for survival. How did the transformation impact the lives of citizens? Employing the documentary essay form, director Petr Lom considers the character and depth of the revolutionary changes. He interviews not only opponents and supporters of the revolution, but also the bystanders. A guide at the pyramids, a minibus driver who refused to transport the arrested to prison, the wife of a wrongly accused man, a young girl stigmatised in her village for taking part in the uprising, the brother of an imprisoned blogger – all gradually paint a complex and unhappy portrait of post-revolutionary Egypt. The revolution has not managed to overthrow a system of repression rooted in both state organs and interpersonal relationships. On the contrary, it has led to increased despotism on the part of police. However, this film clearly shows that people have decided to take advantage of the increased leeway the revolution has brought.


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