Kino Světozor

Bad Biology


(Bad Biology) Director: Frank Henenlotter, USA, 2008, English version / translated into Czech, 84 min

Frank Henenlotter’s Bad Biology makes an ideal Valentine film experience. The uncurable romantics can wrap themselves safely in a story of two lonely souls that have found love, others will appreciate what connoisseurs hail as the longest orgasm in film history. The legendary director of trash classics like Basket Case and Brain Damage is back. It may have taken him sixteen years to direct a new film, but he certainly hasn't lost his sense of tastelessness yet. Jennifer has a seven clitoris vagina and her insatiable appetite for sex is fueled by a bizarre hormone abnormality that causes her to give birth to mutant babies two hours after coitus. Batz has a gigantic, drug-addicted penis with a mind of its own. And then they meet… Happy twisted Valentine, dear friends.


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