Kino Světozor

Brutal Relax Show

Brutal Relax Show

(Brutal Relax Show) Director: various, , 0000, original version / Czech and English subtitles, 180 min

Some short films in this year’s program can be shown with clean conscience only after dark to a properly prepped crowd. They demand a nervous system made of steel, hefty dose of toughness or an exceptional resistance of moviegoers to entirely politically incorrect and flat out wacky material.
The eleven films in this section will go head to head for a special award at a night show with the audience voting live for their favourite film under the expert guidance of Simona Babčáková. The eleven films in this section will go head to head in a live audience vote under the expert guidance of actress Simona Babčáková on January 20, 2012 at 21:00 in the Grand hall at a special three-hour show. The rerun of the program will take place on January 21, 2012 at 20:30 at the Small hall.

Zombie in a Penguin Suit
Chris Russell, USA, 2011

Decapoda Shock
Javier Chillon, E, 2011

Dan Gitsham, GB, 2011

The Headless Lover
Kim Lysgaard Andersen, DK, 2011

Sean Byrne, AUS, 2008

On Edge
Frazer Lee, GB, 1999

All Flowers in Time
Jonathan Caouette, USA - CDN, 2010

Luis Nieto, F, 2010

Andy Muschietti, E, 2008

Felch in Flat
Miloš Kameník, CZ, 2009

Umshini Wam
Harmony Korine, USA, 2011


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