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Tehran II

Tehran II

(Teherán II) Director: various, IR, 2011, Persian / Czech and English subtitles, 90 min

Tehran 021
Set shortly before the presidential elections in 2009, 021 Tehran studies the unfortunate conditions of the people who have immigrated to Tehran with false hopes and dreams. The director cleverly interviews a number of migrant building workers from all over Iran, struggling in the city every day in search of a better life.

Tehran, How Many Richters?
Pirouz Kalantari is an established Iranian documentary filmmaker whose films have been screened and awarded in many film festivals. Tehran, How Many Richters? is a horrifying and shocking study of a possible earthquake in Tehran which is brought along with a series of strong documentary images.

Tired Presence of Things
Carefully Documenting the passage of time in one of Tehran's busy flea markets, The Tired Presence of Things explores the ever present loneliness that surrounds the entire market and all the goods that are brought in for sale.


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