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Tehran I

Tehran I

(Teherán I) Director: various, IR, 2011, Persian / Czech and English subtitles, 90 min

Park Mark
Once a successful American citizen husband, and father, Mark is now a homeless drug addict living on the street of Tehran, sleeping in the park and stealing from donation boxes. The film offers an unflinching look at the life of an addict living on the streets of Iran, as he shares accounts of his past life, details about his addiction, and the traumatic events that occur in his everyday life.

Here is Tehran
The capital of Iran is not exactly the right place for Graffiti artists. Working mostly at nights, a group of young rebels paint the streets of Tehran hoping that their work stays long enough before they are washed away soon afterwards. The film portrays a unique aspect of art scene in Tehran which is loved a nd supported by some and hated and rejected by others.

Tehran is the capital of Iran
Kamran Shirdel is widely regarded as the father of social documentary cinema in Iran. In 'Tehran is the capital of Iran.' Shirdel explores the everyday life in the poor neighbourhoods of southern Tehran, where footage of blithe injustice is contrasted with official documents from the Iranian government during Pahlavi Kingdom.


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